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Fluoride: the substance
Fluoridated Post Codes of the UK

The linked file contains information on postcode districts which are either artificially fluoridated or naturally fluoridated.
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A map of the West Midlands showing areas which are fluoridated can be found on Fluoride Map of the West Midlands   A recently acquired list of fluoridated water zones and the number of fluoridated people affected in the West Midlands can be found on STW Fluoridated zones and population served.

Follow the link to a fluoride map of England.

A somewhat flawed piece of research carried out by Newcastle University demonstrated that both artificial and natural fluoride are bio-accumulative (bio-available).  So even if one's human rights are not being flouted in naturally fluoridated regions, people living there still need to be concerned about health problems caused by calcium fluoride.  Newcastle Study 

In order to check the level of fluoride in the water supply, consult Severn Trent's water quality pages.  Severn Trent Water Quality.  

This facility is not available on the South Staffs Water website for individual post codes.  It is possible however, to query the fluoride concentration for each Water Zone.  Go to South Staffs Water Quality page

Although the level of 1ppm is the target level of artificial fluoride (and natural fluoride over this level is diluted to achieve 1ppm), some parts of the West Midlands region seem to be fluoridated with concentrations of less than 1ppm.  This is either because the figure given in the water quality page for your post code is the average concentration or these levels are lower because of the logistical problems which Severn Trent faces.  It's to be hoped that logistical problems do not cause the levels to be higher than 1ppm!

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United Utilities, Cheshire (Jan. 2011).  CREWE, Nantwich and Alsager are the only towns in Cheshire to have fluoride added to drinking water.  A United Utilities spokesman has confirmed the three places and the rural areas of Bickerton, Bulkeley and Burland, Wrenbury Egerton Green and Faddiley which are all served by the Hurleston Water Treatment Works.
Sandbach is not on a fluoridated supply.