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Good Gopher is an ethical search engine and the inspiration of Mike Adams of Natural News who is one of the good guys.  

WMAF is a member of the UK Freedom From Fluoride Alliance (UKFFFA).  LINK

Archived News and Comment
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CURRENT THREATS: REPORT FROM THE UK FREEDOM FROM FLUORIDE ALLIANCE (6th August 2017)        LINK  To this we now have to add County Durham, South Tyneside and Sunderland City (February 2018)


15th February 2018:  Iranian Thyroid Study supports Kent University Research

This report which is published in Nature, recommends "Application of standard household purification devices was recommended for hypothyroidism."  

In their conclusions, the Iranian researchers state: "The major findings of this study is that TSH values are higher with a higher fluoride concentration in the drinking water, even for generally low fluoride concentrations.    ..... cases tend to have higher TSH values (greater impairment of thyroid function) with higher [fluoride] concentrations in the water.  Controls, with normal thyroid function, also have higher TSH values with higher fluoride concentrations, even though their TSH values are still within the normal range.  TSH values are higher (in both cases and controls) with higher levels of water consumption.  This is consistent with an association between increased fluoride intake (due to increased water consumption) and increased TSH.  It was found that fluoride impacts human thyroid hormones, especially TSH and T3 even in the standard concentration of less than 0.5 mg/L.  

Even after the addition of iodine to salt by the integrated program in Iran more than 27 years ago, this study showed that the problem remains unsolved.  The results showed that those who consume larger amounts of water per day have an adjusted Odds Ratio of 4.1 (1.2 - 14).  Hence the application of standard household water purification (such as reversed osmosis, electrodialysis, activated carbon filter, and other adsorption/ion-exchange methods) is recommended for patients with hypothyroidism since they have a higher consumption of drinking water.  The purification system can help remove fluoride that interferes with thyroid function."

In Iran, the fluoride in drinking water is calcium fluoride which occurs naturally.  Artificial fluoride is deliberately added to our drinking water in England at a concentration of 1 ppm.  The fluoridating acid contains heavy metals and hydrofluoric acid so if we are to believe this Iranian research, the prevalence of hypothyroidism in fluoridated England is greater.

The Iranian research is the sort of research which The Department of Health and Public Health England should have sponsored as soon as the Kent University research hit the decks.    We know that the DH and PHE know about the research: we've told them enough times already but there is stunned silence on the subject.  Scandalous or what?


9th February 2018:  Honolulu Water Board Rebuffs Attempts to Legalise Water Fluoridation


Meanwhile in the UK:

1968:  Medicines Act (UK).  Any substance or product which is intended for the prevention of a disease is a medicine.

1983:  Judge Lord Jauncy ruled that fluoridation was unlawful (Mrs C. McColl v. Strathclyde Regional Council) at the Edinburgh Court of Session, after the longest running case in the history of Scotland, (201 days).  His judgement had no jurisdiction in England but Thatcher's government got nervous.

1985:  Water Fluoridation became legal after a disgraceful vote in the House of Commons where 399 MPs abstained from voting for or against the Water (Fluoridation) Bill 1985.  The Bill entered into law because 165 MPs voted in favour of WF and 82 voted against.

It's strange that the UK Water Industries Act 1991 (as amended) doesn't stipulate a similar prohibition as the Revised Ordinance of Honolulu.  Last time I looked, we were all on the same planet!


4th February 2018:  Today has been a good day

Despite having to deal with the intransigence of proponants of WF, some days thought-provoking information flies into our in-box.  Two particularly interesting pieces of information were received today.

Declan Waugh's letter to the Irish Examiner on 3rd February.  Irish beer contains quite a lot of fluoride since fluoridated water is used to brew beer.  Co-exposure to alcohol and fluoride results in higher risk of liver damage.  It gets worse but I'll let Declan explain the situation in his own words.   

Dr Geoff Pain in Australia is a prolific researcher with papers relating to the Chemistry and Bio-chemistry aspects of WF.  His most recent offering is a short report on the dangers of drinking green tea.  Despite the much touted benefits of green tea drinking in the media in the past few years, the leaves also contain non-health-giving chemicals, including fluoride.   The report can be accessed via Researchgate.  Green Tea and its Fluoride Content, a Major Health Hazard.


1st February 2018:  Editorial - The Surreal Chicksands Meeting

Two members of Fluoride Free Bedford, two residents of Central Bedfordshire and the joint Coordinator of UKFFFA had a surreal meeting with Cllr Brian Spurr, Chairman of Central Bedfordshire County Council's Health and Well-Being Board on 20th December 2017.  At the meeting there were also 4 Public Health England employees and a County Council employee who was there to take minutes.  

For 90 minutes, we presented evidence that WF wastes money, causes dental fluorosis, causes ill health and is ineffectual at reducing tooth decay.  We provided Cllr Spurr with information about the Scottish Childsmile programme and the Welsh Designed to Smile Programme, both of which are successful, non-compulsory dental health interventions.

The meeting was surreal because we were told that (1) we were not to discuss health issues to do with fluoride since fluoride is 'safe', and (2) the PHE employees would not be talking - just listening.  Apparently, they were shy about entering into a debate with us.

The main reason for the meeting was to discuss the threatened re-fluoridation of Flitwick and surrounding villages once a new WTW becomes operational.  Cllr Spurr told us more than once that Flitwick and district would not be fluoridated before the results of the Bedford public fluoridation consultation were known.  How can Anglian Water be forced to fluoridate 15,000 people in Central Bedfordshire twenty-one years after WF ceased because the treated water was not fit for purpose.  The contractual situation is very complicated and we are endeavouring to discover the exact legal situation.

We were satisfied that we got our issues of concern across to Cllr Spurr who indicated that he was listening and thinking.  But was he hearing?  Despite not being allowed to talk about health concerns, we were able to download our knowledge about dental fluorosis and how there is a very strong correlation between fluoride in drinking water and hypothyroidism.  (The Kent University research showed that there is almost double the amount of hypothyroidism in fluoridated West Midlands compared with non-fluoridated Greater Manchester.  Also, the level of hypothyroidism in fluoridated England is 30% more than in non-fluoridated England.  PHE is still silent on this and has not commissioned research to prove or disprove the University's findings.  We expect that the next PHE health monitoring report this spring will air-brush out any mention of the University research.)  We were also able to tell Cllr Spurr about research which shows that fluoride reduces children's intelligence.  Fluoride crosses the placenta and enters the fetal brain since there is no blood-brain-barrier at this early age.

We gave Cllr Spurr and his PHE shadows written proof that only 1.3% of drinking water is drunk by residents.  We told them that of the 1.3%, very little is drunk by the target group - small disadvantaged children.  Those children, according to the UK's 2014 National Diet and Nutrition Survey, drink no more than one-third of a litre of tap water a day.  We told Cllr Spurr that the British Fluoridation Society has decided that it is fluoride in the saliva which is the main reason why fluoride prevents dental decay.  However, at 0.02ppm fluoride/litre saliva, this is unlikely to have an anti-carious effect, especially since small children probably don't produce as much saliva as an adult.  We joked about how we could devise an experiment to measure the amount of saliva a small child would produce over 24 hours. According to the British Fluoridation Society, we're all supposed to drink fluoridated water so that tiny children can salivate minuscule amounts of fluoride. Even then,  most would be swallowed before it can coat the teeth with health-giving (not) fluoride.

We presented evidence that swallowed fluoride does not prevent dental decay.  We finally went for the jugular:  water companies are now blending their treated water in order to eke out deficient supplies in certain areas of England.  This means that even though they are adding 1mg fluoride/litre of water, by the time it gets to the kitchen tap, fluoride concentrations could be as low as 0.1mg fluoride/litre water.  WMAF discovered this to be the case after analysing tap water in Warwickshire and the West Midlands during 2016, 2017 and January 2018.  Concentrations of fluoride have been strangely low.  When we asked Severn Trent Water why, the company told us that they were still adding 1mg fluoride to the treated water at WTW's which they were contractually obliged to do but that in many cases they were blending the fluoridated water with non-fluoridated water.  In some cases, the blending almost does away with the supply of treated water from a fluoridating WTW since levels of fluoride of 0.0 and 0.1 ppm have been detected.  Further analyses of fluoride in treated water in Lincolnshire and in Central Bedfordshire in spring 2017 and December 2017 respectively show that Anglian Water is also blending fluoridated water after fluoride is added, thus reducing the amount of fluoride at the tap.

If disadvantaged tiny tots are only drinking one-third of a litre of water/day and if that water does not contain the 'optimum' of 1mg fluoride/litre, then there is even less than 0.02 mg fluoride/litre saliva!

Thus, the waste of money spent on fluoridation is almost 100%.  It's our money, folks, that the fluoridating WTW's and PHE is wasting.  We haven't sat down to calculate how many toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste the wasted money could buy.  That's a mental exercise for another day.

Getting back to the meeting:  Cllr Spurr thanked us for our attendance.  Still silent, the PHE employees remained in the room as we exited from it.  We managed to acquire a sample of tap water from the County Council HQ toilets before we got back into our cars.  Beds CC HQ is in Chicksands.  It's a fluoridated area despite the fact that dental decay is rather low in Central Beds.  The sample was analysed a few days later.  The result?  0.3 mg fluoride/litre water.  

It looks like Anglian Water is blending with a vengeance!

That brings us to the small matter of the minutes of the meeting.  We were not allowed to discuss health issues and even though we wilfully disobeyed and brought them to the table, there is no record in the minutes that we did so.  Many other issues have been omitted.  For example, the minute secretary asked us to confirm the serial no. of the British Standard relating to the heavy metal 'chemical parameters' and 'contaminants'  in the fluoridating acid.  We even saw her type this into her lap-top.  There is no mention of this in the minutes.  The most serious issue relating to the minutes is that nowhere is it stated that Flitwick and District will not be fluoridated before the results of Bedford Borough's public consultation are known. 

Since we are not expecting to have a 'return match' with Cllr Spurr and his PHE buddies, the minutes should have been circulated to us as draft minutes before they were signed off.  After all, we will not have the opportunity to seek corrections as an Agenda item at the next meeting: there won't be one.  However, we've been told that Cllr Spurr has signed off the minutes without giving us the courtesy of correcting them.  They need correcting and augmentiing.

What was it all for?  Did PHE want to find out how much we knew?  We were transparent and truthful and we probably shocked them with the depth of our knowledge and understanding of the issue.

We certainly told them that WF policy is outdated and erroneous.

The problem is that people's jobs depend on keeping the WF policy alive and kicking.  That is definitely true for a couple of PHE employees.      

30th January 2018:  Fluoride Analysis Database Service for Tap Water.  Results 2010 - 2017.  This includes the analyses of Lincolnshire and Central Bedfordshire fluoridated water.

To view, please click on Fluoride Analysis Database Service in the menu on the left-hand-side of this screen.


26th January 2018:  A picture is better than a thousand words
How aluminium fluoride inhibits enzyme activity.

(Press Ctrl + the Plus sign to increase the size of the image.)

The schematic above is "up close and personal".  The researchers have shown that aluminium fluoride breaks bonds at the active site of phosphoglucomutase.  This is an enzyme which catalyzes the conversion of glucose-1 phosphate to glucose-6-phosphate.  However, when aluminium and fluoride get in on the act, the enzyme is inhibited meaning that glucose-6-phosphate is not produced.  We can simply say that the function of phosphoglucomutase is poisoned.  

What are the clinical implications for this inhibition?  Watch this space!


11th January 2018:  Video - Laughter is good for the soul !    


6th January 2018:  New Year Editorial

What makes us think that this coming year is going to be really busy as far as WF is concerned? 

We kick off the year with the 1st UK Freedom From Fluoride Alliance Conference in London on 13th January.  This is followed by a visit to England from Dr Paul Connett from Fluoride Action Network (USA) towards the end of the month.   Then there's our involvement with the on-going attempt to fluoridate Hull and Wakefield and a new twist in the fluoride tail in Bedfordshire where Public Health England seems to want to refluoride a small area surrounding Flitwick which was last fluoridated 21 years ago without the bother of going out to public consultation.  We're expecting Bedford Borough to go out to public consultation this year and since the Borough has not been fluoridated for 7 years, our hope is that the residents won't want to go back to receiving poisoned water. 

There may be a flurry of activity in Greater Manchester where the various Public Health England Dental Health Consultants attached to each local authority have coalesced to manage dental public health for the entire region.  This means that should WF be placed on "The Agenda", PHE HQ in Greater Manchester will manage the issue and individual local authorities in the area will have to consider themselves as part of the whole with the whole being managed by PHE Regional HQ.  In other words, places like Bolton will not be able to "do their own thing".  If there is a public consultation, it will be region wide.  We must make sure that residents get to learn that if they acquiesce, patients with hypothyroidism will increase by 30% and the intelligence of children will be reduced.

The thought of fluoridating Greater Manchester will please Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester) because he is the arch-fluoridationist and has been since 2000 when he was recruited by pro-fluoridationists when serving on the Parliamentary Health Committee.  In fact, he became a vice-President of the British Fluoridation Society a few years later and failed to tell anyone about this role when he became the Secretary of State for Health in June 2009.  It's fortunate that colleagues were keeping an eye on the situation and managed to ring alarm bells.  LINK These days, it's easier to keep up-to-date with the activities of pro-fluoridationists because we can request alerts from "They Work For You" meaning that we can see what they are getting up to, almost in real-time, in Parliament.  These days, there are two-three MPs in the House of Commons and three nobbly Lords who are active in the pursuit of fluoridation heaven.  It's one of the roles of UKFFFA to keep an eye on them.

There has been a slow burn of movement in fluoridated Lincolnshire which will be reported on the UKFFFA website and another two-pronged issue in West Cumbria where not only are some towns and villages fluoridated but they have been provided with water from newly opened boreholes which is causing health problems.  National Media has been very slow to pick up on this.  The situation is complicated and may involve a certain fractious neighbour who insists on reprocessing a certain type of hazardous waste by burying it.  So we'd better not say anything further about the situation there otherwise there may be a knock on my front door in the wee small hours.

Otherwise all is quiet and peaceful in the democratic land of Albion .....


6th January 2018:  We've just got our hands on an interesting book which should be required reading for all fluoridated couples who are starting a family. 

"Pregnancy and Fluoride do not mix" by John D McArthur (2017).  It's a cut-down version of a couple of Townsend 'letters' from 2013.  It's eye-opening and that's just the first page!    Look at this quote from p. 51: "A primary reason why pregnant women are encouraged to consume fluoridated water is to help delay colonization of the infant oral cavity by cariogenic bacteria.  (Ref: Health Effects of Water Fluoridation; a Review of the Scientific Evidence.  A report on behalf of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Office of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor, August 2014:54.)  Absolutely scandalous!  THEY are encouraging the ingestion and assimilation of something which kills bacteria in the fetal buccal cavity without taking into account that the fluoride will also get through the unborn child's cell membranes including those in the brain.  


The abstract is at:


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Water Fluoridation Wastes Public Money, Big Time!

If the cost of the fluoridating acid and associated infrastructure in a city costs £100,000 per annum, guess how much money is wasted?

The answer is £99,700.

This figure is based on data produced by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, Southern Water, WaterWise and Water UK in respect of Southampton:

30% of our drinking water is lost as leaks

38.5% of our drinking water is used by industry and services

31.5% of our drinking water is for domestic use.  This includes 4% for drinking.

It therefore follows that 96% of the fluoride is wasted because 96% of the water is not drunk

Of the remaining 4%, 2% of the water containing fluoride is excreted and only 2% is bio-accumulated.

Of the 2% which is bioaccumulated, a minuscule percentage is drunk by the target group for fluoridation - tiny disadvantaged children whose parents do not have the wherewithal to teach them to clean their teeth.

For the sake of argument, let's say that this is 0.3% of the fluoridated population.

Therefore, the conclusion can only be that 99.7% of the money spent on fluoridation is wasted.

This is public money.  The Government tells us that it's trying to reduce our deficit and yet it is quite prepared to waste £99,700 out of every £100,000  spent on fluoridation.

                                            TIME TO CALL IT A DAY, CHAPS AND CHAPESSES.

                                             YOU'VE BEEN RUMBLED!



                      This produces FFS - Fetal Fluoride Syndrome.



Go to for a full list of supplements, foods and other substances which will aid your recovery.  A second web page by Mike Adams contains valuable information on de-toxing. LINK

This child is collateral damage.  We are all collateral damage

because we are being used to get rid of a hazardous waste

in the cheapest way possible - through our bodies and through

our English rivers.  Are you angry about this?

If so, contact  and CAUSE A STINK!


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“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized.  In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident”
Arthur Schopenhauer (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)




"Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person" 

   Charles Eliot Perkins, a US Gov't scientist who spent 20 years studying fluoride.


If you are a health professional or a scientist, Fluoride Action Network has a long-running Professionals' Statement which they would like your to sign.  At the time of writing there are 5500 signatures.   LINK

Hull and East Yorkshire are threatened with water fluoridation.  
Please visit LINK to sign it.

Most recent threat is to County Durham, South Tyneside and Sunderland City (February 2018)
FADS February 2014  Database now available: LINK


For bottled waters which do not contain fluoride:


This is a real live fluffy Birmingham (UK) siamese cat who, six years ago had lost most his hair and who had to wear a woolly jumper to keep himself warm.  He regained his health with the help of his mum, Jayne.  He now only drinks Malvern spring water and eats organic food. 





We would be pleased to hear from people who have been avoiding fluoride in their environment and who have, as a result, regained their health.  Please email with full details.

A questionnaire is available for those who want to let us know about their health problems due to having too much fluoride in their lives.  This can be sent via email as a Word document on request.

It could just be that you feel that fluoride has improved your health.  We would be equally as pleased to hear from you.

An additional action that you can take is to fill in an official yellow card which the MHRA will be delighted to read: 



Are you fluoridated?

Severn Trent's Water Quality Page: LINK . Add your postcode, scroll down the page which appears below the fold and read off Minimum, Average (Mean) and Maximum levels for aluminium and fluoride, etc.  This is not a full report of all the chemical parameters which are found in your drinking water.  Severn Trent has told us that they don't use aluminium sulphate during the water treatment process. If we are to believe them, then the aluminium is coming from somewhere else.

South Staffs Water Quality Page: LINK. This site is not transparent. You need to determine the water zone name which delivers your tap water.  Even then, it's not certain that you are reading the relevant report.  This is because it would be rather forfuitous if the boundary of a town or village fitted neatly into the area covered by a water zone.  Minimum, Average (Mean) and Maximum levels for aluminium and fluoride are listed in the report but there is a lag time of at least one year and sometimnes 16 months.  This is not a full report and there are other contaminants in your drinking water which South Staffs Water does not publish. Therefore, you are not likely to learn, for example, the concentration of metaldehyde (slug pellets) in your treated water supply.  


It's alright to 'cause a stink'.

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